28 December 2010

Funny Video : Progressive Insurance TV Commercial –Revised Language

This funny TV commercial is currently on American television at the moment. Most of the expressions the man is using are common!! Watch and see if you understand. The video uses what is known as Reduplicated or Ricochet Words which are word combinations and sounds designed to intensify their force. The transcript with explanations follows the video.


  • FLO: Hi.
  • MAN: I’m looking to save on insurance… don’t want to deal with a lot of flibbity flab (sometimes said as ‘flippity flam’ = used to describe something you don’t understand, such as someone speaking a foreign language) or mumbo jumbo (=a confusing or meaningless subject).
  • FLO: (NODS AT WHAT HE IS SAYING) Sounds like you need to ‘Name Your Price.’
  • MAN: No gobbledy gook (= containing a lot of jargon or very complicated language making it difficult to understand or incomprehensible)…
  • FLO: Never.
  • MAN: Do I still get all the dagnabbit (= expresses frustration, sometimes used instead of ‘dammit’.It is derived from the expression ‘God damn it’ which is considered rude language.) coverage I need?
  • FLO: Sure, we give you a quote and you can adjust your price up and down to find something that works for you.
  • MAN: This thing is okie McSmokie skittly doo (= very good, very cool. Probably derived from the expression ‘okidokey’ which means ‘ok.’).
  • FLO: Great…I think.
  • MAN: Diggedy (= no doubt).
  • FLO: Oh! Still not sure.
  • VOICE OVER: The ‘Name Your Price’ tool. Only from Progressive. Call or click today.

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