Links to English Learning Sites (en travaux)

Below are list of some good language learning sites though this list is not exhaustive. Some sites are completely free or partly free with paid access to other aspects.

Anglais Facile - 100% Free with lessons for all levels. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
BBC World Service - Learning English - A truly great site! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Breaking News English - EFL / ESL English Lesson Plans & Podcast for studying Current Events and News.
British Council Learn English – Along with the BBC, probably one of the best English language learning sites online! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
EC Learn English - 775 lessons + 1 new English lesson every day
E. L. Easton – Tons of resources for the student and the teacher. – Highly recommended site for French learners of English. Grammar explained in French with exercises to practice the grammar HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Englisch Hilfen – A Germany-based site with other 650 different exercises.
English Central – A GREAT new site for practicing not only your listening skills but also your pronunciation skills!! And it’s free!! Videos from all types of topics are used!
English Grammar 4U – A good Germany-based site for learning English.
English Page – Tons or resources and free lessons to explore.
Famous People English Lessons - (Sister site of Breaking News English) EFL / ESL lesson plans using biographies and profiles
Guide to Basic Business Letters by – A resource page for writing professional correspondence.
Hello Hello – This online community is a great and free way learn English and help others learn French! Improve your communication skills!
Hospital English – Medical English
Learn English Online – A complete course for the beginner which is completely free. Recommended!
Learn English Today – A site that just covers about everything from vocabulary, idioms, proverbs, professional English, etc.. The lessons and exercises are free and are for all levels.
Listen a Minute - One minute a day is all you need to improve your listening skills. Focus on new words, grammar and pronunciation in these short texts.Doing the online activities, discussion, survey and writing will help. Listen many times - enough for you to you understand everything. (Sister site of Breaking News English)
Lit2Go - a free online collection of stories and poems in MP3 (audiobook) format. You can download the MP3 files to your computer, view the text and print out the stories and poems to make your own book!
Livemocha – A social language networking site where you can meet and talk to other English speakers around the world and help those who are learning French! Great Site
Lyrics Training – Learn English through the use of popular song lyrics. Watch and listen to music videos accompanied with gap fill exercises. – A site to explore full of interesting things for the English language learner.
News English Lessons - Sister site of Breaking News English at an easier level
Simple News English - making news more understandable for those learning English
Using English - provides a large collection of English as a Second Language (ESL) tools & resources for students, teachers, learners and academics.
VocabSushi – Expand your vocabulary with this free site. Recommended!
Weboword - visual vocabulary
Wijng – This is a new Germany-based site. Highly recommended!
Word Ahead – A fun vocabulary learning site. You can even sign up to get daily vocabulary videos in your email.