27 December 2010

Vocabulary In the News : CBS News (Online Article from 22 December 2010)


In this sad story, a student of Rutgers University, Tyler Clementi, was outed by his roommate who spied on him with a webcam during a tryst. The roommate then put the video online publically humiliating him. As a result, a humiliated Tyler committed suicide.

If someone is outed, this means it is made publically known that he or she is gay. Tyler Clementi, who was publically still in the closet, was caught in a tryst (pronounced ‘trist’) with another man.  A tryst means any secret meaning between two people who are having a romantic relationship.

The act caused national outcry in the United States. This is an angry expression of protest or shock!

Tyler’s parents believe that Rutgers University failed to enforce policies that would have prevented the act. His parents are now considering whether or not to sue the university. If you sue someone, you are making a legal claim against them, usually for money, because they have done something bad against you. To formally ask a court to look at your case against someone, you file a lawsuit.

To read more about this story, click on the image above.

I had just finished writing the blog post above when I noticed that Newsy had just posted video on this story:


For the transcript, go to : http://www.newsy.com/videos/rutgers-facing-lawsuit-over-clementi-suicide

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