24 April 2014

NEW SIDE BAR: List of Podcasts

Take a note that I've been reworking the sidebars and I've added a new one with a list of podcasts. There are a lot podcasts dedicated to learning English and all of them are free to download. Some of them (usually the American one) have learning guides you can also download but require paid membership. Don't let that discourage you though because even though the learning guides are really well done, useful and provide further information; they are not absolutely necessary. Having said that, the expense for them is worth it.

I'm also including podcasts on a variety of other topics in English, not necessarily targeting learners of English, but are extremely necessary for learners of English since it's very important to immerse yourself in the native speakers' worlds to truly understand their language, culture and way at looking at the world.

The sidebar is still a work in progress and over time, so keep checking back. The information is constantly being updated and added to.

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