24 April 2014

English in the News: T. Rex Arrives in Washington (Answers & Key Vocabulary)

Answers to yesterday's English in the News video:

1. True or False. The excavation of the T. Rex fossil took place a while ago? True. The excavation took place years ago. (26 to be exact though not mentioned in video)

2. What expression does he use to show the importance of the T. Rex’s arrival? significant thing

3. Why is this T. Rex so important to them? it's a first for them to have a complete T. Rex skeleton; they never had one of any kind before

4. What roles will the T. Rex play in the new exhibit? centerpiece of the new exhibit and an ambassador for paleontology and the museum

5. What opportunities will the T. Rex offer? education and outreach

6. True or False. This is the first time this T. Rex has been on display. False. It was in the Museum of the Rockies

7. True or False. Thanks to the Army Corps of Engineers, this T. Rex will be at the Smithsonian for 15 years. False. It is on loan to the museum for 50 years.

8. Why does Lt. Gen. Bostick think it’s very important for the Smithsonian to have the most complete T. Rex at the Smithsonian in the nation’s capitol? It will mean a lot to the visitors and all those that come through the museum.

Key Vocabulary

an excavation = the process of digging in the ground to find thingsfrom the past

significant = very important

a centerpiece (or centrepiece in British English) the most important object or decoration in a particular place

exhibit (American term for exhibition) = a public show or performance or other interesting things that are put so that other people can go look at them

a fossil = an animal or a plant, or part of one, that lived a long time ago and is preserved in rock

outreach = the act of going to the community to give help, support or advice before they ask for it. 

on loan = if something is on loan, then someone is borrowing. Here, the museum is borrrowing the T. Rex.

to mean a lot = it communicates importance and feeling

to come through = to pass through, visit

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