29 July 2010

Cartoon : Feeling the Heat

By Randy Bish from The Tribune-Review from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania published on 24 July 2010

If you are under a lot of heavy pressure, you are feeling the heat. Here are some examples:


“Law makers in Congress are feeling the heat from constituents on border security.”

“My boss is expecting my report on his desk tomorrow morning and I have barely started it. I’m really feeling the heat.”

“Due to very low public opinion polls, Democrats are feeling the heat going into elections.”

“President Obama is feeling the heat from Afghanistan.”

“Antarctica is feeling the heat of climate change.”

Background of the cartoon : This cartoon is about Congressman Charles Rangel, a Democrat member of the House of Representatives from New York  and the chairman of the very powerful House Ways and Means Committee. He was just charged with multiple ethic violations by the House Ethics Committee and will soon face a formal hearing to decide his fate. He could be prosecuted and face justice. Mr. Rangel is currently running for reelection which means he is really feeling the heat!

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