03 November 2009

Humor Spot : Women Drivers

I was getting into my car when I noticed a dent. On the windshield was a note and a phone number from the driver. "I feel terrible," the woman apologized when I called. "I hit your car as I was pulling into the next parking spot."

"Please, don't worry," I said to her. "I'm sure our insurance companies will take care of everything."

"Thank you for your understanding," she said. "You're so much nicer than the man I hit on the way out."

to get into

- to enter

a dent

- a place where a surface has been pushed or knocked inward


- the large glass window at the front of a vehicle. The British term is windscreen.

to apologize

- to tell someone that you are sorry for doing something wrong or for causing a problem

to pull into

- if a vehicle or driver pulls into a place, they stop there

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