01 October 2009

Humor Spot : Someone Special

A Harley rider eating in a restaurant is checking out a gorgeous redhead. Suddenly she sneezes and her glass eye comes flying out of its socket. The biker reaches up, snatches it out of the air, and hands it back to her. "I am so embarrassed," the woman says. "Please join me for dinner."

They enjoy a wonderful meal together and afterwards she invites him to the theater, followed by drinks. She pays for everything. Then she asks him to her place for a nightcap, and to stay for breakfast.

The next morning the guy is amazed. "Are you this nice to every biker you meet?" he asks.
"Not usually," she replies. "But you just happened to catch my eye."

a Harley riderun motard Harley
to check out (colloquial) - mater
gorgeoussuperbe, splendide
a redheadun roux/une rousse
to sneeze - éternuer
to snatch - attraper
a nightcapun dernier verre avant de se coucher
to catch somebody’s eyeattirer l’attention de quelqu’un

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