15 September 2009

Vocabulary In the News : 14 September 2009 – The Journal (Newcastle, UK)

UK_TJTo see a larger version of this front page, click on the image. To visit the homepage of The Journal, go to : http://www.journallive.co.uk/

A Newcastle MP (Member of Parliament) is calling for the resignation of city officers and councillors of a North East city after the mishandling of expenses concerning the renovation of an art gallery came to light. A councillor is an elected member of a city’s governing council. These councillors mishandled the public funds by allowing the bill for the arts centre to exceed the budget. This bad and careless use of responsibility is called a mishandling. This abuse of public trust has now been revealed and made know, or idiomatically, has come to light. http://www.journallive.co.uk/north-east-news/todays-news/2009/09/14/taxpayers-will-pay-for-gallery-failures-61634-24680603/

In another front page story, a taxi driver describes a terrifying experience when his passengers threw a rope around his neck and thrust in his face. To thrust means to push with force. It is an irregular verb like put and hit; it doesn’t change: thrust (simple past) and thrust (past participle). At one point during the taxi driver’s nightmare, he grappled with the three men who attacked him. This means he fought them. As a result of grappling with the men, he suffered some cracked ribs and a broken nose. The attackers fled taking the driver’s keys and £120. http://www.journallive.co.uk/north-east-news/todays-news/2009/09/14/gun-and-rope-used-in-attack-on-driver-61634-24680606/

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