16 September 2009

Cartoon : Healthcare Gamble

Cartoon by Jerry Holbert of The Boston Herald published 10 September 2009.

- A gamble is an action or plan that involves a lot risk, but if successful, has huge benefits. This is also a verb. For example, there are people who go to Las Vegas or Monte Carlo to gamble with their money.

- When you gamble at the craps table, you bet your money. When you bet, you risk a certain amount of money on something that you think or hope will happen. If you win, you gain more money, otherwise you lose it all. If you like to go the PMU and you want to gamble, you place a bet on the horse you think will win.

- The whole (kit and) caboodle is a very common and informal expression meaning ‘everything.’ This is a typically American expression. A kit of course is a set of objects such as in a toolkit. A caboodle is a very old and archaic word meaning a group or collection of people. The word has disappeared from use except in this expression.

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