08 July 2009

Video of the Moment: The Bare Essentials of Safety from Air New Zealand.

Air New Zealand staff bare all to get flyers' attention

In this new funny video that is actually being used on board the airline fleet of Air New Zealand, they are taking a new approach to get passengers to pay attention to the safety instructions. You’ll also get to enjoy a New Zealander accent or as it is locally known, a kiwi accent.


to bare all to show yourself naked
to wing one’s way to go or be sent quickly from one place to another
We’ll be winging our way to our next port of call.
port of call (informal) one of the places you visit on a trip
to lift off (phrasal verb) when an aircraft or space vehicle lifts off, it goes up from the ground into the air
But before we lift off, we’d like to give you what we call ‘the bare essentials’ of safety aboard this flight.
the bare essentials what is basic and absolutely necessary for something. This is also a play on words with ‘bare’ which also has the meaning of being naked.
to tuck away (phrasal verb) to store something in a safe place
All baggage should be tucked away overhead.
to require to impose an obligation
We require all passengers to follow crew member instructions and lighted signs.
to happen to do something to do something by chance
If we happen to switch on the seat belt sign, please return to your seat and fasten your seatbelt.
to fasten to close something such as a piece of clothing or a bag using the buttons, zipper, clip, etc. on it
snug fitting closely to your body, or fitting closely into a space
Not so tight as to lose the feeling in your legs, but enough to ensure that it’s snug and fits low across your hips.
to tighten to pull something such as a rope or a belt until it is straighter or until it fits more tightly around something
Tighten by pulling on both sides of the elastic.
to inflate to fill something with air or gas so that it becomes the right shape and size for using
Don’t worry if the bag doesn’t inflate, oxygen will flow through it automatically.
to brace oneself to push your body, or a part of it, against something solid and strong in order to support yourself or to avoid falling
If an emergency were to happen during takeoff or landing, brace yourself either on the seat in front of you or…
coincidentally used for saying that something happens by chance
Coincidentally, this is the perfect place to find your life jacket.
to be on hand to be present or available to do something
And we will be on hand to provide life jackets to babies, if needed.
to be plum out of something (idiomatic) to not have something at all
If you find yourself wanting to smoke while on board; sorry, but you’re plum out of luck.

- Note: plum is used as an intensifier. So, if you want to say that you’re very tired, you might say, “I’m plum tired.”
to pop back to clip or snap back into place
During takeoff and landing, we’d ask that you’d pop your tray table back
upright straight and tall
Make sure your seat is upright.

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