09 July 2009

Cartoon: Take a Hike a Governor Sanford!

Cartoon by Gary Markstein of the Copley News Service published on 3 July 2009.

In this political cartoon, Mr. Markstein is referring to the scandal surrounding South Carolina’s governor, Mark Sanford. The governor was missing for almost a week with rumors that Mr. Sanford was hiking along the Appalachian Trail. It was later learned, from the governor himself in a press conference, that he was actually down in Argentina with his Argentine mistress! Neither his wife nor his staff knew the whereabouts of Governor Sanford. He resigned as chairman of the Republican Governors Association but said he would remain in his post as Governor of South Carolina. Many South Carolinians are accusing Sanford of hypocrisy and are calling on him to step down.

1. to take a hike – (idiomatic) to leave because one’s presence is unwanted. Often used in the imperative “Take a hike!”

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