19 February 2009

The Job Interview – 2 Podcasts from BusinessEnglishPod.com

Business English PodThis post is for the students in the Action Régionale in Haguenau. Here are the two podcast links I promised you.

BEP 40 ADV - Job Interviews: First Round Interview (Part 1)

Today’s Business English Podcast ESL lesson is the first in a two-part series that follows job applicant William Chow through his first interview at an international bank.

In this podcast you’ll learn how to deal with some typical first round job interview questions. Along the way you’ll also practice some great new vocabulary and useful phrases for job interviews.

In the dialogue we’ll listen as William gets interviewed for a position in the business development department of the main Hong Kong branch of Mercantile International. Mike Warner, a HR manager at Mercantile International Hong Kong, is conducting the interview.

BEP 40 ADV - Job Interviews: First Interview (Part 1) [20:40m]:  Download (to download, right click with your mouse)

BEP 41 ADV - Job Interviews: First Round (Part 2)

BEP 41 ADV - This is the second in a two-part Business English Pod lesson on first round job interviews. You’ll practice responding to common interview questions and learn some useful phrases and vocabulary.

As you’ll remember from the first episode, Mike Barnes is interviewing William Chow for a job at the Hong Kong head office of First Mercantile International, a global bank. William had just finished telling Mike about his work history, management style and personal characteristics. Our HR manager, Mike, continues the interview with another very common first round question. Lets see what it is and think about how you would answer the question?

You can download a PDF list of useful phrases to describe your personal characteristics by ‘right-clicking’ on this link and selecting the ‘save’ option.

BEP 41 ADV – Job Interviews – First Round (Part 2) [20:01m]: Download (to download, right click with your mouse)

BusinessEnglishPod.com is an excellent site for professional English. Downloading and listening to podcasts are free. However, if you want a study guide, you must subscribe to the service for which you’ll have to pay.


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