13 February 2009

Humor Spot: 10 Great Things About Being Single on Valentine's Day

For all you bachelorettes who are flying solo on Valentine’s Day! Taken from: http://lifestyle.msn.com/relationships/articlemcmatch.aspx?cp-documentid=17106868

Did Cupid pass you by this V-Day? Not to worry … in fact, celebrate your fabulous self! Here, 10 reasons why flying solo on February 14th is a plus not a minus.

By Diana Vilibert

1. It's a great excuse to get sloshed with your closest girlfriends. Not that we need an excuse.
2. You don't have to smile through gritted teeth when you get ridiculously lame lingerie as a gift.
3. There's no better night to pick up guaranteed-single men at the bar.
4. You can see if you really can make it through the whole winter without shaving your legs.
5. You don't have to listen to anyone's "Valentine's Day is just a made-up commercial holiday, blah blah blah" speech.
6. It's the perfect day to blow your New Year's resolution to eat healthy by buying yourself a box of chocolates — Godiva, not supermarket-brand.
7. There's no better time to practice some self-love with a deep-tissue massage at a fantastic spa.
8. You're not spending it with that idiot you spent last Valentine's Day with.
9. It's perfectly acceptable to spend the day working late, eat Chinese take-out for dinner in your extra-large fleece pajamas, and not put out before you go to bed.
10. You can spend it with the hottest, funniest, and smartest person you know — you.


a bachelorette une célibataire
to pass someone by ignorer quelqu’un
to fly solo (idiomatic) être seul
to get sloshed (idiomatic) devenir bourré
gritted teeth des dents serrés
lame (idiomatic) débile
to pick up men (idiomatic) emballer des hommes
made-up inventé
to blow a resolution (idiomatic) mettre au rencard une résolution
take-out à emporter
fleece de laine
to put out (idiomatic) donner ses faveurs sexuelles

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