14 April 2014

Word of the day: out-of-touch

To be out-of-touch with something means no longer having a recent knowledge or information about something. In the video, Hank's daughter thinks he's out of touch because he doesn't know the latest text message abbreviations used by the younger generation, such as IDK for "I don't know."
Sometimes, it's nice to be out-of-touch, like when I go on vacation (or holiday for those you who prefer British English. It's nice to not have to watch the news and hear about all the horrible things going in the world while away.
Another use of this term is to be out-of-touch with someone. For example, I have quite a few old Army friends from over 20 years ago that I haven't spoken with or had any sort of contact with in a while. I'm out-of-touch with quite a few friends.

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