22 April 2014

Political Cartoon : Jefferson on Corporatocracy

corporatocracy = is a term used as an economic and political system controlled by corporations or corporate interests. It is a generally pejorative term often used by critics of the current economic situation in a particular country, especially the United States. (Wikipedia)

shall = will
Grammar point: to learn the difference between ‘shall’ and ‘will,’ go to: Grammar Girl: "Shall" Versus "Will"
to crush = to completely defeat someone who is opposing you, especially by using force or violence

monied (or moneyed) = rich, or relating to rich people

to dare (never progressive, i.e. no –ing form) = if you dare to do something, you are not afraid to do it, even though it may be dangerous or shocking or may cause trouble for you

to challenge = to refuse to accept someone's authority

a trial = the process of testing a product, plan, or person over a period of time

to bid defiance = to resist fearlessly and confidently
Grammar point: ‘bid,’ when used as in the above expression “to offer,” “to invite,” or “to command,” used to be inflected with the simple past form of “bade” and the past participle form of “bidden.” You can still find these forms in English, especially when used in the expression to say goodbye: '”to bid farewell.”
However, these forms, though you may still see them, are starting to disappear from contemporary English. Today it is more common to us the irregular, noninflected form of “bid,” which follows the model of other irregular verbs such as “cut” or “cost.”
If “bid” has any other meaning such as '”offering a particular amount of money” for something, then in today’s English, it is only used with its noninflected form.

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