23 April 2014

English in the News: T. Rex Arrives in Washington (National Geographic News)

April 15, 2014---The Nation's Tyrannosaurus rex, found in Montana, arrived early Tuesday morning at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. The public will be able to see scientists scanning and performing an inventory on one of the most complete T. rex fossils ever found. Among their tasks: to determine the proper way to mount the bones for display.

Watch the video and answer the comprehension questions.

1. True or False. The excavation of the T. Rex fossil took place a while ago?

2. What expression does he use to show the importance of the T. Rex’s arrival?

3. Why is this T. Rex so important to them? 

4. What roles will the T. Rex play in the new exhibit?

5. What opportunities will the T. Rex offer?

6. True or False. This is the first time this T. Rex has been on display.

7. True or False. Thanks to the Army Corps of Engineers, this T. Rex will be at the Smithsonian for 15 years.

8. Why does Lt. Gen. Bostick think it’s very important for the Smithsonian to have the most complete T. Rex at the Smithsonian in the nation’s capitol?

Come back to the blog tomorrow for the answers and key vocabulary.

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