27 October 2010

Funny Picture : Madonna Photoshopped

Madonna photoshopped

A wrinkle is that line in your face that appears over time and with age.

We often verb new verbs. To verb means to use a noun as a verb. This practice is quite common in English and is very often used for proper nouns such as brand names.

In the above photo, Madonna’s portrait has been photoshopped. So, whenever you manipulate a photo, you photoshop it!

Here are a few other common verbs that were verbed from nouns.

    • to google (using Google search engine to obtain information on the Web)
    • to blog (to contribute to a blog)
    • to email
    • to text (send a text message or SMS)
    • to xerox (to make photocopies)
    • to tweet or to twitter (to post an entry on the microblogging server Twitter)
    • to facebook (to use the social-networking site Facebook)
    • to myspace (to contact someone using the social-network MySpace)
    • to tivo (to digitally record – comes from an popular digital image recorder for recording and watching TV shows, see their webpage)
    • to hoover (British English for to vacuum, to clean the floors with a vacuum cleaner)
    • to clorox (to clean or whiten using bleach; from the famous American brand of bleach, Clorox) (bleach : l’eau javel)

If any of our English readers would like to contribute other verbs they know or heard of that were verbed from nouns, leave a comment!!


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