01 July 2010

Vocabulary In the News : The San Francisco Chronicle – 30 June 2O1O

In San Francisco, sting operations are being conducted to curb the rise in bicycle theft due to a rise in commuting by such vehicles. A sting is a trick prepared by the police in order to nab the wrongdoer. If you curb an action, behavior or a situation, you try to take control of it and limit it. Commuting is the act of traveling (by means of a vehicle such as a bike, train or car) back and forth between your home and place of work. When you commute, you’re called a commuter.
The police are working with cycling advocates, people who strongly support the use of bicycles, to nab these criminals. You don’t want to get nabbed by the police because this means you’ve been caught and arrested by them. To catch the criminal, they are placing a transponder in decoy bikes placed in various hot spots around the city. By doing this, they will be able to not only track the thief (pl. thieves), but also find the buyer and the seller. If you track something (or someone), you follow its course.
stock une action (titres d’une société)
a pill un comprimé, un cachet
to draw ire provoquer la colère
to bust a myth faire s’effondrer un mythe
to debunk déboulonner

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