02 July 2010

Video Of the Moment : Movie – Wall Street “Greed is Good!”

At the shareholder's meeting, Gekko (Michael Douglas) announces that "greed is good."

corporate (adj)


relating to large companies, or to a particular large company

Example: Coca-Cola's corporate headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia

Related terms: a corporation, corporate America (= big businesses in America), corporate culture

unfit (adj. – superlative form used in video : unfittest)


not having the right qualities to do a particular job or activity (Ex. an unfit mother)

Synonyms: incompetent, incapable

≠ fit

survival of the fittest (Evolutionary theory)


the idea that your survival depends on competing successfully within your environment with other creatures of your own type

Example: In business, it’s the survival of the fittest

in my book (expression)


used when giving your strong opinion about something

Example: She’s the best teacher in this school, in my book.

a deal


a formal agreement, especially in business or politics

Related terms to show a successful deal: do/cut/make/reach/ strike a deal (with someone) ; a deal goes through

Related term to show a deal couldn’t be made: a deal falls through

to be involved with something


to be connected with

Example: He denied that he was involved with organized crime.

a stockholder (American) / a shareholder (British)


someone who owns stocks (=equal parts into which a company’s money is divided) in a company.



a strong wish to have more money, things, or power than you need

Example: a growing culture of corporate greed (=the greed of large companies);  their greed for power

for lack of something


a situation in which you do not have any, or enough, of something that you need or want

Example:  We couldn’t find her passport, but it wasn’t for lack of trying (=we tried hard to find it).

to cut through something


1. to deal quickly and effectively with something that causes problems or is confusing; 2. to make a path through something by cutting

Example: 1. We need to cut through the political rhetoric and see what really lies behind the policy. 2. He cut his way through the jungle with a machete.

upward (adj.)


moving or turned toward a higher position

a surge


a sudden increase



all humans considered as a single group.

Note: Some people avoid using this word because they think it is offensive to women, and they use ‘humankind’ instead

Synonyms: humankind, the human race

mark my words (expression)


used for telling someone to listen carefully to what you are saying, especially because you will be proved right in the future

Example: President Obama will not be reelected in 2012, mark my words.

malfunctioning (adj.)


not working or operating correctly

Synonyms: failing, flopping

≠ functioning, working, successful

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