30 June 2010

Video of the Moment : Movie – Toy Story 3 “Ken Meets Barbie”

The toys are given a tour by Ken (Michael Keaton), who is quite impressed by the blonde Barbie.

to donate

to give something such as money or goods to an organization, especially to a school, hospital, political party, or charity

a loss (singular)

a disadvantage that you have when someone leaves or when you cannot use something any longer

to settle in

to make yourself comfortable in a place because you are going to stay there for a long time

Far out! (informal exclamation)


in a jiff / in a jiffy (informal)

very quickly, or very soon

folks (informal)

used for talking to a group of people (Ex. “What do you folks think?”)

an ascot

a broad neck scarf that is looped under the chin (Note: they are playing the words “ass” and “cut”, a bit too osé on the part of Pixar if you ask me!)

recess (American) / break (British)

a period between school classes when students can eat, rest, or play

Right on! (informal exclamation)

used for emphasizing that you agree with or support someone or something

to look forward to something

to feel happy and excited about something that is going to happen


a stuffed toy or cushion has been filled with a soft material


big, round, and light


made to shine after being polished

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