09 March 2010

Vocabulary In the News : 08 March 2010 – The Arizona Republic (Phoenix, Arizona)

AZ_ARIn Paradise Valley, Arizona’s premiere tourist destination thanks to the 12 resorts located there, special room deals and freebies are the spring-season staples. These special prices are luring back sun-seekers and golfers in droves reversing the downward trend that is a result of the sluggish economy. Full story >>

to pay off


if something that you do pays off, it brings you some benefit or advantage

premiere (pronounced – Pre-MEERE)


first, principle, most important
a room deal


promotions offered by hotels
a freebie


something given to you that you don’t have pay for

a staple


a regular and important part or feature of something

to lure


to persuade someone to do something by making it look very attractive

in droves


large numbers of people
sluggish (adj.)


not performing or reacting as usual, not moving quickly

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