05 March 2010

Video of the Moment : Jake Learns from “Avatar”

Jake (Sam Worthington) logs the progress of his education in the language and ways of Pandora.

a rack (slang)


This is primarily, though not only,  a military slang term meaning “bed” or “bunk.” So when Jake says that he wants to “get some rack,” he means he wants to “get some sleep.” If it’s time to go to bed you could say, “It’s time to hit the rack.”

a shack


a small plain building usually built of wood or metal
to blur


If something blurs, it becomes difficult to see clearly and the edges aren’t clear. Many different things can blur such as our eyes or our memories. If our eyes blur, you can say that your vision has become blurry. If you wake up in the morning after having drunk too much alcohol, your memories of the night before might be blurry. In the movie clip Jake states that the days are starting to blur together which means he can no longer distinguish one day from another because they all seem the same.

to be a pain


If we say something is a pain, we want to say that it is annoying and we don’t enjoy it. Sometimes we add “in the neck” such as learning English can sometimes be a pain in the neck. Two other common possibilities, though extremely impolite, are to be a pain in the butt or a pain in the ass.

to field strip (military term)


to take apart a weapon for cleaning, lubrication and repair or for inspection

a moron


an insulting term for someone who behaves in a stupid way. If we want to say that someone’s actions are stupid we would describe those actions as moronic.
to be on board


This expression means to be involved in a project or organization, or working for a company. When Jake says that Norm is back on board, he is saying that he has rejoined the group.

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