02 January 2010

Vocabulary In the News : 01 January 2010 - Atlanta Journal & Constitution


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It’s the first front page for the AJC for 2010 and of course there is the obligatory article concerning the hopes and fears we have for the upcoming new year. The headline states that “Grins replace the grimaces.” A grin is a huge smile that shows your teeth. There is a good idiomatic expression to describe someone who smiles a lot because they are very happy which is “to grin (or smile) from ear to ear.”

Some people are saying that 2010 will be even a more difficult year than 2009 which means we may just have to grin and bear it. This means to accept a difficult situation without complaining or without showing how you really feel. Now there are some people who just annoy you and they seem to enjoy annoying because they have a smile on their face when they do it. Sometimes you just wish that you could somehow stop them from being so happy and pleased with themselves that you wish you could find a way to wipe the grin (or smile) off their face!

A grimace is a facial expression you make by twisting your face due to pain or because you don’t like something. If you fall and hurt your ankle, you might grimace with pain each time you walk. I tend to grimace with disgust when I get my gas bill in the winter for heating my apartment!

In any case I wish that for all of you, your grimaces of 2009 will be replaced by grins in 2010!

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