08 December 2009

Cartoon : A Tawdry Profession


When you rely on someone or something, you trust them to do something for you. I know for example that if I need good advice, I can always rely on my mother.  It can also mean to need something in order to continue existing. In France, the Téléthon relies on the public to give monetary donations to help fund research in muscular diseases.

Begging is the act of asking for help in way that shows you really want or need something. Often it is done by poor people who don’t have enough money or food. The noun comes from the verb ‘to beg.’  The person who begs is called a beggar. In most big cities, you often see beggars on the sidewalk (‘pavement’ in British English) begging for money to buy food.

Tawdry is an interesting adjective to describe something that is unpleasant, shameful, indecent or immoral. You might have heard the recent news that Tiger Woods had been having several tawdry affairs with other women. Do you have some tawdry secrets that you don’t want anyone find out about?

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