28 November 2009

Vocabulary In the News : 27 November 2009 – Daily Record (Parsippany, New Jersey)

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Joann Tyler, president of Missionaries of God, a nonprofit charitable group that helps feed the homeless, risked receiving a summons from the city of Dover for feeding the homeless a Thanksgiving meal from the back of a truck. Dover has already served Ms. Tyler a dozen summons in the past for giving food to the homeless without a license. The city is concerned with public health and the handling of food. A summons is an official document that orders someone to appear in a court of law.

A helping is the amount of food served to one person during a meal. At a huge dinner after you have eaten what is on your plate, you may want to eat more. If so, you might help yourself to a second helping. Perhaps you wouldn’t have had that second helping if you first had had a heaping helping! Heaping here means a lot or very full especially when we talk about something that can be piled. For example, let’s say you like ice cream so much that when you serve yourself a helping of ice cream, you give yourself a very large portion of ice cream. We would say you served yourself a heaping portion of ice cream.

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