14 November 2009

Interesting Words : Staycation

The global economic turndown has also had its effects on the English language. The crisis may weaken our pocketbooks but it has enriched the English language with some new terminology!

I came across a new word that has come into fashion. It is ‘staycation.’ Is this word just a passing fad or will it eventually find itself in our dictionaries? Well, the word is already found on Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary meaning it is probably destined for a long life!

The fad started in Canada and started to be widely used in the United States as gasoline prices soared a couple of years ago. It has continued in use due to the overall economic situation causing many families to not wander far from home due to the high cost of travel. There is a bunch of things written about staycations in books, travel magazines, newspaper articles, television and a host of other media!

What does staycation mean? The word is the melding of two words ‘stay’ + ‘vacation.’ Staycation refers to a vacation (or holiday for you British English purists!) spent relaxing at home and perhaps visiting the sites in your area in short day trips.

I googled* the word and found tons of sites, even French ones, that use the word. Take a look and google* the word yourself!


*to google – This verb is another recent addition to the English language that has become quite popular and widely used. As you can guess, it simply means to research the internet with Google.

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