18 November 2009

Idioms & Slang : Turkey

Reposted from last year

This is the month when Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving. As you know, a roast turkey traditionally graces our Thanksgiving tables. In honor of this month, let's look at a some slang and idioms that use the word 'turkey!' You might hear someone called a turkey which isn't a very nice thing to say about someone. If you called someone 'a turkey,' it's because you think that person is an idiot, fool or a moron. A film or a theatrical production might be referred to as a turkey if it turns out that the film or play is a complete failure. In the business world, turkeys are investments or securities that failed to yield the profit expected. They also refer to any failed business deal. A turkey is also a sports term in bowling meaning three consecutive strikes. If you need to speak quite openly and frankly with someone, you would talk turkey. Do you have any annoying addictions such as smoking cigarettes? Well, if one day you decided to stop abruptly without taking one more cigarette, we would say that you went or stopped cold turkey. It's very hard to do for most people!

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