06 November 2009

Cartoon : Peanuts – A Tempest on Snoopy’s Sea


a tempest

- (literary) a severe storm with strong winds and heavy rain or snow

a gale

- a very strong wind “It’s blowing a gale (=there is a strong wind).”

to lash

- if the wind or rain lashes something or lashes against something, it blows or falls against it with a very strong force “The wind was still strong, and the rain lashed against the roof.”

a deck

- the outside top part of a ship that you can walk on “A lot of passengers were sitting up on deck.”

a shower

- a short period when it rains or snows “Tonight there’s a 50% chance of showers.”

a sigh

- a slow breath out that makes a long soft sound, especially because you are disappointed, tired, annoyed, or relaxed “His only reaction to the news was a sigh of disappointment.”

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