05 September 2009

Featured Podcast : ESL Podcast 402 – Buying Back-to-School Supplies

Well, it was back to school this week and I’m sure all you parents had to go out spend tons of money to buy school supplies for your kids. So today I’m featuring another podcast from www.eslpod.com dated August of 2008 concerning the purchasing of above mentioned supplies. In it you’ll find some simple vocabulary in English for describing some of these items.

As in the other podcasts from this site, you’ll first hear a short, slowly spoken dialogue followed by a clear and precise explanation of the vocabulary. At the end of the lesson, the dialogue will be repeated but at native speed.

The MP3 download is free but there is also a Learning Guide available for which you would have to become a paid subscriber. In the Learning Guide you’ll find extra notes, the vocabulary, exercises and the entire transcript of the podcast. I highly recommend subscribing but if you can’t, you will still learn a lot from the MP3 file!!

To access this podcast, go to: http://www.eslpod.com/website/show_podcast.php?issue_id=5739071

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