18 September 2009

Cartoon : To See Through Rose-colored Glasses

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke remarked on Tuesday, “From a technical perspective, the recession is very likely over at this point.” In his political cartoon, Jimmy Margulies is commenting on the Bernanke’s comment criticizing him for seeing the current economic situation through rose-colored (US) / rose-coloured (UK) glasses. In English, when we say that you see through / look through rose-colored glasses, then you see the situation as being more pleasant or positive when in reality it isn’t!  Another possible wording of the expression is ‘to wear rose-colored glasses.” Here are some example sentences taken from the net:

The magazine had a habit of looking at social issues through rose-colored glasses.

Looked at through rose-colored glasses, the story of women's role in the state's politics could be considered a success.

She's nostalgic for a past that she sees through rose-colored glasses.

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